What Size Camper Can a Toyota Highlander Pull?

What Size Camper Can a Toyota Highlander Pull?

Ladies and gentlemen, let's shift gears and talk about the fantastic Chevrolet Tahoe, a true gem when it comes to towing campers! Now, you know how the Toyota Highlander has garnered a loyal fan base thanks to its reliability, safety features, and decent towing capacity. It may not be a hardcore off-roading machine or a heavy-duty monster, but its performance in tough conditions has sealed its stellar reputation, making it an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Now, when you're looking to hitch a camper to your Toyota Highlander, there are some essential factors to consider. You see, the size of the camper is a biggie, and it all depends on the camper itself. Its weight, height, and length all play a crucial role in this towing game. And hey, let's remember your weight distribution skills; they come into play too.

But here's the real kicker: all that valuable information becomes useful if you know your Toyota Highlander's max towing capacity. That's the magic number, my friends. You see, the Highlander's towing capacity ultimately dictates the size of the camper it can handle. So, if the weight of that camper, with all its equipment, water, and everything else, exceeds this capacity, well, let me tell you, you are going nowhere, regardless of how fancy that RV might be.


Can Toyota Highlander Pull a Camper?

Let's take a good look at Toyota Highlander and its towing prowess when it comes to campers. Now, if you're the proud owner of a camper or trailer, the Highlander is your dream SUV, as it's more than capable of towing both of those rigs without breaking a sweat. 

The Toyota Highlander comes in various models, and each one has its own towing capacity, ranging from 1,500 to an impressive 5,000 pounds. With its impressive towing capabilities, you've got more freedom to choose the perfect camper for your adventures. But hey, don't go overboard. Towing at full capacity for an extended period could put a strain on your transmission, wheels, and brakes, and we certainly don't want that. 

Can a Toyota Highlander Pull a 1500 lb Trailer?

If you've been wondering whether a Toyota Highlander can handle a 1,500 lb trailer, let me tell you, it's more than up for the task. The Toyota Highlander family offers a diverse range of models, each with its own towing capacity. And within this Highlander lineup, you've got the power to tow pop-up trailers, teardrop trailers, small airstreams, and even small travel trailers.

When the new Toyota Highlander is properly equipped with the optional Tow Package installed, it can unleash its true potential and offer a maximum towing capacity of up to an impressive 5,000 pounds. That's right, this SUV means business. 

It's all thanks to its robust 3.5L V6 engine, packing a punch with 295 horsepower and 263 lb-ft of torque. Now that's some serious power to conquer those towing challenges. Whether you're planning a camping trip or embarking on a new adventure, the Toyota Highlander is ready to be your trusty companion. 

How Big of a Trailer Can a Toyota Highlander Pull?

Well, get ready to be impressed because the 2022 Toyota Highlander comes with a mighty towing capacity of up to 5,000 pounds when properly equipped. But hold on, there's a little trick to towing smartly. 

It's only sometimes best to max out your Highlander's towing capacity. You want to be mindful and keep the weight of your fully loaded camper under 85% of the SUV's full towing capacity. That's a good rule of thumb to ensure a safe and smooth towing experience.

So, if we crunch the numbers, the biggest camper a Toyota Highlander can confidently tow is around 4,250 pounds. Now, that's still pretty impressive, considering the various camping options you can explore with that capacity.

Toyota Highlander Max Trailer Weight Comparison


Towing Capacity (lbs)

Max RV Weight (lbs)

Toyota Highlander, gas



Toyota Highlander, hybrid



Which Highlander is Best for Towing Campers?

Let's talk about the amazing Toyota Highlander and which one is the best for towing those campers. Now, if you've got your eye on the Highlander with the standard 3.5L V6 engine, you're in for a treat because it boasts an impressive towing capacity of 5,000 lbs. That's right, this SUV means business when it comes to towing.

And hey, it doesn't matter which Trim Level you choose - be it the L, LE, XLE, XSE, Limited, or Platinum - they all feature the 2021 Highlander towing capacity of up to 5,000 pounds. So, you can count on that towing muscle no matter which variant you pick.

But here's the thing, remember those handy towing packages. You see, it's essential to ensure your trailer fits well within your Highlander's towing capacity, but if your trim level doesn't include a towing package by default, consider upgrading to one. These fantastic performance parts can make towing your RV a breeze.

Now, let's talk comfort because that's just as crucial as knowing the numbers. While towing, make sure to check your tongue weight specs and ensure they're compatible with the camper you've got in mind. It's all about a smooth and enjoyable towing experience.

The Toyota Highlander is a top-notch choice for towing campers, and with its robust towing capacity and fantastic trim options, you've got plenty of choices to suit your needs. Keep those towing packages in mind, ensure your weights are in check, and get ready for some amazing adventures on the road with your trusty Highlander and camper combo. 


How Much Weight Can a 2023 Highlander Tow?

When properly equipped, get ready to be wowed because the 2023 Toyota Highlander can handle a whopping 5,000 pounds. That's some serious towing power right there.

Also, these new Highlander models come with a handy feature called Trailer Sway Control, which is designed to keep unwanted trailer movement in check. And, when you're towing your precious cargo, rest assured that the Highlander has got your back.

But hey, let's talk about the Highlander Hybrid variant for a moment. While it's a fantastic choice for many reasons, including fuel efficiency, its towing capacity reaches up to 3,500 pounds. But here's the key thing to know, folks - when you're towing with a hybrid vehicle, the hybrid system is usually disabled or ineffective. 

In other words, the Highlander Hybrid will operate solely on its gas-powered components when towing. So, while it's an eco-friendly choice for everyday driving, towing with a hybrid won't improve your fuel economy or increase your towing capacity.

How Do I Increase My Highlander Towing Capacity?

Before you do anything rash, ask yourself, "Is it really worth it to amp up the towing capacity for that camper?” Cause there are some important factors to consider before diving into heavy engineering.

A vehicle's towing capacity heavily relies on its structure, crucial parts, and technical design. Sure, it's not impossible to change, but even achieving a slight increase requires some serious commitment to major engineering work.

And installing a towing package can indeed give you more control over the towed vehicle and improve driving safety. However, it won't magically let you tow more weight. So, if you're dreaming of towing those bigger campers, well, you might need to rethink that strategy.


When it comes to towing, a large engine with enough torque is crucial. But be prepared, 'cause supporting such a costly upgrade will also mean improving cold air intake, tuning the fuel system, and making several other essential additions. It's no small feat, my friends, and you might as well consider buying a new car and saving your precious time.


Next up, is the transmission. Towing can put quite a strain on your vehicle's transmission system. Overheating and rapid wear are real risks, especially if you tow a lot or push close to the max capacity. Now, upgrading to a high-quality performance fluid can help preserve it better, but if you're really dead set on increasing capacity, you'll have to look into performance transmission. Just a heads up, though, this upgrade is just as extravagant as the previous one and demands a whole lot of work.


Let's not forget about brakes. When you're towing those extra pounds, you'll definitely need more durable brakes. The stock brakes might not be able to handle the added strain from a loaded camper, so a brake upgrade is a must for your vehicle's safety.


Oh, and one more thing - the suspension and chassis. A stable and well-designed suspension system is absolutely critical for safe towing. Your Toyota Highlander's suspension is designed to handle its specified towing capacity, so if you ever manage to change it, make sure to make the necessary adjustments!

But let me be clear, attempting to modify the suspension system, engine, transmission, or anything from our list, except the brakes, to increase towing capacity is dangerous and probably not even worth it. It can lead to safety issues and cause significant damage to your vehicle. And even then, the results might not be as impressive as you'd hope.

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